FAQ – Weather

What do we do if it rains?

We try to do the party despite the weather at the host’s discretion. If the rain is light there is really no reason to postpone a party. Moderate or heavy rain can effect the toys. We do not do parties in thunderstorms or in freezing rain out of concern for the player’s safety. Light rain, fog or snow only add to the experience. Frequently mothers will tell us how their son is disappointed that his party is not in the rain like his friend’s party. We have even done parties during the remnants of a hurricane.

When do we decide if a party is to be postponed?

We strongly advise waiting until the last possible time you are comfortable with before changing your party schedule. Weather forecasters are often wrong. We have three types of rain; spotty showers, thunderstorms and all day soakers. Spotty showers can be difficult but we can usually work around them. Thunderstorms usually blow over quickly and sometimes we can wait them out. All day soakers are usually obvious early in the day and we try to reschedule for another date.

Can I book a rain date?

No. Inconsiderate people will postpone a party with a small potential of rain if we give them a rain date. Parties that had great weather were lost because of the weather-guesser’s incorrect forecasts. Families that wanted parties were denied due to a client’s insistence on booking multiple time periods to insure optimal party times. Rain dates are just not fair to other families.

Do you play laser tag in the winter in DC/MD/VA?

Yes. People go skiing in the winter, why not play laser tag?

Winter weather conditions can be challenging but if the guests wear layers of clothing the games are just as fun as the Summer. The biggest concern is thawing and refreezing conditions as ice can be a safety problem. Players need to be reminded to wear clothing appropriate to the weather on their invitation. Gloves are a big plus. Layered clothing is strongly suggested so that players can shed layers as they get hot from running. Good shoes or boots with socks are very helpful, crocs in January are a fashion faux pas in DC. The coldest person at the party will be the mission director.

Do you play laser tag in the hottest parts of the Summer even in Florida?

Yes. The players just need lots of water and generally they move slower. We can take longer breaks if needed. Mainly, you just need to provide lots to drink and a shady graveyard.