Custom Built Gaga Ball Pit Sales and Rentals

Gaga ball is a fun and fast paced variant of dodge ball played inside a short fence like structure called a pit. Players hit a ball with their hands and are eliminated if the ball hits them on or below the knee. Youth groups and summer camps are huge fans of this game.

My first experience with this game was with a church youth group in Lakeland, Florida.  I watched the kids play gaga ball in a portable pit made by the youth minister while they waited to be picked up after a laser tag event.  I was inspired by how much fun the kids were having,  I did a little research, designed a lower cost alternative and started making gaga ball pits in Florida.  Pastor Kendal later tested my prototype pit with his active youth group and everyone heartily approved my design.

The first gaga ball pit was a 32” tall featherweight model made with interior grade materials.  I later redesigned  it into a 25.5” tall all weather model  My featherweight gaga ball pit is specifically designed to be super affordable, ultra portable, easily to transport, easy to disassemble, easy to store and for easy set up indoors or outdoors.  These featherweight gaga ball pits are built with pressure treated stud lumber and PVC sheathing to withstand all weather versions.  They are available in either six sided or eight sided configurations.  I have a six sided version shown below.

A six sided feather weight pit is approximately 14 foot in diameter assembled. All eight sided pits are approximately 19 foot in diameter assembled. All of my gaga ball pits can be custom sized to 6, 7 or 10 foot lengths to better fit in your space if needed.


A permanent model,  shown below,  was requested by some clients.  I designed the permanent pit later is to meet this need.  I make this pit with pressure treated wood and must be placed outdoors.  This model has eight sides, is approximately 25 inches tall and has a 19 foot diameter.  My permanent pit is only sold in an eight sided version.  I deliver and assemble in place and is then ready for use.  The client will need to stain and seal the wood once the wood has seasoned.


Gaga Ball Pit Sales Pricing and Options

All Weather 25.5” featherweight panels sell for $70 each plus delivery from Florida. Six panels @ $420 or eight panels @ $560 are needed to create your pit.  These pits are built with weather resistant pressure treated studs and 1/4″ PVC sheathing.  PVC sheathing can a special order item and can cause stocking delays.  I do keep a small stock to minimize this potential delay.  Common plywood sheathing does not work due to moisture issues.  A potential upgrade of the sheathing to 1/2″ PVC sheathing is possible.  This 1/2″ option is more readily available, more expensive, creates an additional charge, a heavier set of panels and a stronger pit.

25″ Tall Permanent gaga pits  sell for $80 per panel plus delivery from Florida.  This pit requires 8 panels and costs $640 built on your site.  I will need to charge a negotiated and reasonable delivery charge.

Delivery is available and required: I travel from central Florida to DC every month.  I live in central Florida and do mobile laser tag parties throughout Florida and the DC area from my son’s home in Northern Virginia.  I also do laser tag events for families and youth groups in WV, NJ and PA from the Northern Virginia area..  My In-laws live in Alabama. My three best friends live in Atlanta, GA,  Columbia, SC and in Northern VA.  Since I build these at my home in Florida,  I do need to arrange delivery so that I do not cause issues with my local county ordinances.  I will deliver to you, your church or youth organization for a reasonable delivery fee and sufficient planning.

Gaga pit rentals to families and churches.

I rent my demonstration gaga ball pits to families and groups to allow people to enjoy them and in the hope they would consider buying one.  Rentals are typically by the day or over the weekend.

Please check out the super affordable rates and gaga pit availability via my booking calendar links below:

Make a Gaga ball pit  Reservation in DC/MD/VA

Make a Gaga ball pit Reservation in Florida

Call 863-241-5715 (Florida) or 703-906-1140 (Maryland/Virginia) for more information or to order yours.