Gaga Ball Pits

Custom Built Gaga Ball Pits

Gaga ball is a fun and fast paced variant of dodge ball played played inside a short fence like structure called a pit. Players hit a ball with their hands and are eliminated if the ball hits them on or below the knee. Youth groups are huge fans of this game.

My first experience with this great game was at a church youth group in Lakeland, Florida. The youth minister had made a portable pit for his youth group. I did a little research and started making gaga ball pits in Florida. Pastor Kendal later tested my prototype pit with his active youth group and he heartily approved my design.

The first gaga ball pit was the 32” featherweight. I have since designed a super economical 25.5” featherweight model and a permanent outdoor model. All my gaga ball pits are designed to be affordable. My featherweight gaga ball pits are specifically designed to be ultra portable for ease of use indoors or outside in beautiful weather. The permanent model is meant for outdoor use and to stay in place ready for use at any time.

The 25.5” featherweight model has 6 or 8 panels, approximately 25.5 inches tall by 8 feet long.

The 32” featherweight model has 6 to 8 panels, approximately 3 inches tall by 8 feet long. This model has two entrance wall panels with a 6 inch cutout to ease entry and exit from the pit.

The Semi-permanent model is made with pressure treated wood so that is can and should be outdoors. This model has eight sides, approximately 30 inches tall by 8 foot long. It has two entrance panels with an 11 inch cutout to ease entry and exit from the pit.

My featherweight gaga ball pits are sold unpainted in six sided or eight sided configurations according to your needs. My Semi-permanent pit is sold in the eight sided version. It is delivered unstained and unsealed. Sealer or paint is highly recommended to protect the wood. A six sided pit is approximately 14 foot in diameter assembled. An eight sided pit is approximately 19 foot in diameter assembled. Pits can be resized to better fit in your space available. Pits can be made with 6 or 7 foot side panels if needed.

Gaga Ball Pit Pricing

25.5” featherweight panels sell for $40 each FOB Sebring, FL. Six panels @ $240 or eight panels @ $320.

32” featherweight panels sell for $60 each FOB Sebring, FL Six panels @ $360 or eight panels @ $480.

My permanent 8 panel gaga ball pit sell assembled for $960 plus a nominal delivery charge. The assembly does require a flat level and cleared area for assembly. No permits are generally required but if needed these permits are the responsibility of the purchaser.

I regularly travel from central Florida to DC. Every July I do a youth camp in New Jersey. My In-laws live in Alabama. My best friends lives near Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC. I deliver to you, your church or youth organization for a reasonable delivery fee with sufficient planning or you can pick up in Sebring, Florida.

Call 863-241-5715 for more information or to order yours.