General Laser Tag FAQs

Is laser tag Covid safe?

We sanitize our phasers with a CDC approved disinfectant between every party.  We spray our barricades too.  Our laser tag is played outdoors naturally maintaining social distances.  Players may wear masks if desired.  Laser tag is healthy outdoor fun!

Can laser tag be played in the daytime?

Outdoor laser tag is better in the daytime. Indoor facilities use low light levels to enhance the limited space for game-play in a leased warehouse. Night games are slower.

How do you see the lasers in the day?

Indoor and outdoor laser tag guns use infra-red light to safely “hit” the opponent’s sensors. Infra-red light is invisible to the human eye. Indoor and outdoor laser tag guns use a flasher to create the illusion of a laser beam being shot from the gun. Very limited distance and dark conditions indoors allow players to see the “laser” or more correctly the muzzle flash. Our outdoor guns mimic that effect as well in the dark. Our digital party and weekend rental phasers have red dot scopes to help players accurately aim their toys onto the opponents sensors. The digital phasers tell the shooting player if they hit their target. The weekend rental phasers require the players to hear the opposing player’s speaker. At long distance the weekend rental players must read their opponents body language to tell if they hit them as the phasers can easily shoot further than you can hear.

Do you do parties at night?

Yes. Many players want night parties to hide better and some people insist the games are better at night.  I guess quality over quantity, maybe.

How do you play at night?

First, the digital party phasers are color coded and shoot red or blue light to tell the two teams apart. We suggest that some light be added from the home, ambient or direct, to increase the viewing capability for the players. Some clients reuse their holiday lights for additional illumination. Extra lighting should be added at any stairs, walls or other potential hazards. We eliminate any areas from play that may be inappropriate because of the low light levels. Then we yell a lot to get the players to come out of hiding to finish the game. Night games are slower than daytime games. Weekend rental clients are suggested to purchase glow necklaces off the internet to differentiate the two teams.

Is my yard big enough to play laser tag?

Small yards are great for laser tag. Parties held on smaller yards play more games as the players are forced to interact as opposed to hide. Too large an area can be a problem as some players will hide prolonging a game to the detriment of the other players. We have many families with small yards as repeat customers, high action in tight spaces. Adults worry about this too much, the kids will have a blast just about anywhere.

Do you play at local parks?

Yes,  but not at all parks.  Some park have no bathrooms.  Park pavilion rentals are a big plus if you plan on using a park.  Every park system has its own regulations.  Some parks want people to stay on trails and require use permits. Some parks are too crowded to have excited players running into other park patron areas.  Park patrons may disapprove of the kids playing with our toy phasers,  Wildlife, poison ivy and wasps can cause major problems at parks.  Parks close at dusk and police may make us to leave if we stay too late.  Your yard is the best choice for the party.

Is laser tag dangerous?

Laser tag is safe but like any active sport there is a potential for injury. Players run around creating the excitement of the game, but also creating the possibility of accidents. Players have fallen off playground equipment, accidentally hit each other, run into or fallen over each other. Bumps, bruises, skinned knees and elbows are commonplace. Bee stings and poison ivy may be unexpected hazards in the playing area. We work very hard to minimize hazards to players. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please point out any areas of concern before the party so we can cordon off areas unsafe for game play with caution tape.  Pick up after the dog.

Will the lasers hurt the players eyes?

No. Our toys do not actually shoot laser beams at the players. Infra-red beams like the beams that are used in television remote controls are emitted by the phasers. L.E.D. Tag or flashlight tag would actually be a more accurate names for the game but marketing people decided to give the game a more exciting name.

Is laser tag appropriate for my daughter?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Our very first party in Virginia was for a ten year old girl. She and her girlfriends had a blast. Ironically, my very first two parties in Florida were also for girls. Every ladies laser tag party is a great time.

Can you accommodate players with special needs?

Yes, We encourage anyone play to the best of their ability and try to use any parental suggestions. I modified on Cobra so that John in Herndon could play using his wheelchair controls. Everyone, especially a child, should have many good times throughout their life!

We have a younger child as well. Can they play?

Younger siblings are always welcome to play. The toys weigh 4.5 pounds and can be difficult for them to handle. Younger children also have more difficulty understanding the team play concept. Our policy of starting players at eight years old is mainly meant to insure a good time for all the party goers and to avoid a party of 20 five year olds.  Any one for herding cats?  Younger players often make fantastic “scouts” for the teams and do not have to carry the heavy toys.  Every army needs good scouts.

Do you have adult parties?

Of course!  We occasionally have corporate events and adult parties.

We have had accounting firms, computer companies and law firms do multiple parties as team-building events.

We once had a fifty+++ year old woman’s party in a Fairfax county park. The crowd of men that ringed the hillside watching this party was almost as much fun to watch as the ladies battling it out in the valley.

I once had a boy, his father, his grandfather and great grandfather play in Southern Maryland. Four generations at once, what was an honor!

The Kings Park neighborhood annual adult laser tag party has every game be :  “Wives vs Husbands.”  I did several King Park community kids only parties but they grew up and are all are in college now.

How far do you travel?

We are technically two different companies that share the same website, one servicing DC/MD/VA and one servicing central and southern Florida.

The DC/MD/VA company serves the area more or less one hour from Annandale, VA. Areas further away than one hour are charged a long distance fee. I will go almost anywhere, from parties on Long Island , New York, to graduation parties for Chapel Hill North Carolina at the UNC student union, to my son’s college, UNOH in Lima, Ohio and in Florida from Jacksonville, to South Miami, to Saint Petersburg, to Vero Beach. I reserve the right to decline some long distance parties if too difficult to service.

How do you figure long distance travel fees?

DC/MD/VA parties within one hour of Annandale, Virginia are considered local parties. We use Google maps directions to calculate our travel times. Annandale’s zip code is 22003. Enter your address and our zip code to determine the travel time to your home. Ask for a DC/MD/VA quote.

Florida party pricing is done by each specific Florida county through our scheduling Square Calendar website. Just look for your county in the services offered.  The price differences reflect the travel time needed to service your county from our operational base.

Do you charge a reservation fee?

We do not charge a reservation fee. Our clients have been wonderful to-date. We do ask if your plans change, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can attempt to reassign the time to another family. We understand that life sometimes can get in the way of our plans. We keep a wait list for cancellations.

How do we pay you?

We accept cash and checks as payment at the time of the party. We have chosen to not deal with credit card companies and our fees are low enough to not create a hardship.

We strongly prefer cash as this policy has virtually eliminated bad checks.

We average only one or two bad checks a year since stating a cash payment preference.  We really do appreciate the extra effort to stop by the ATM.