The BEST laser tag parties in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Florida

Young Boy Playing Laser Tag

Everyone wants their party to be a hit.

A party is no party without great games, and what better game to play than laser tag?  We have the games.

Our mobile service delivers a super fun and super easy laser tag experience throughout metro DC/MD/VA and Florida. We have helped families host the best birthday parties since 2003, often the same family multiple times. We frequently hear from guests about what a fantastic time they’ve had and that our party was the best ever.

All our chaperoned parties are custom tailored for each event, host, and guests. We happily accommodate everyone including younger siblings, parents, grandparents and players with special needs. We can easily handle any group size, large, small or enormous.  We can play indoors or outdoors.

Everyone will have a blast!

Call us or book today.  Our chaperoned parties book weeks in advance.

Our weekend rental program was created for families that waited too long to book a chaperoned event and is available on much shorter notice.

Please let us know if there are any areas of concern.  I am happy to discuss your concerns and help find solutions.

Our laser tag can be played during the day or night and in light rain, fog, and snow.

Weather is not a big deal, Should there be a thunderstorm or other severe weather, we’ll gladly reschedule you for another day. We regularly have mothers tell us the kids said the party was even better in the rain.

If you have areas of concern in your yard or facility and we can cordon them off.