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We are a completely mobile party service provider for children’s birthday parties and youth groups. We primarily service the entire Washington Metropolitan area including Maryland and Virginia. I occasionally do parties in other more distant areas.

Our laser tag sessions are all customized for your needs. James or I typically come to your location with 20+ laser tag guns and other supplies so that we can provide multiple laser tag games for your party or group. Two hour sessions with 20 guns are the norm but I can extend the time to three hour or even longer sessions. We can supply 40+ laser tag guns for larger events. James or I remain at the event to provide direction for the laser tag games.

Birthday parties are our primary business. A two hour party session should provide the guests with four to eight individual games of laser tag.

Eight year old children are a good starting age for laser tag. Seven year olds and younger children should probably wait so that their younger friends will be up to the challenge. The average age range of my birthday honorees is nine to twelve years old. Pre-teenagers, teenagers and adults all have a great time playing laser tag. On occasion I have had three generations involved, grandparents can be a major force at a party.

Games are generally held at the client’s home. Occasionally, we provide service at the client’s local church, pool, civic center or neighborhood park. The home is almost always the best location. Client’s are sometimes surprised at how good the game-play is in a small to standard sized yard.

Please visit my online calendar to check our availability. The link is above and left in the tool bar. I do not have many cancellations but occasionally last minute callers are pleasantly surprised by an unexpected availability.

I typically book parties 6 to 12 weeks in advance or more.

Please do not procrastinate, call & book your party today.

Telephone calls work best. Email is a poor second choice. All parties must be booked by telephone. I am easiest to contact on Monday or Friday mornings at 703-906-1140. I might be accessible at other times, but I could be doing another family’s party or driving, so I could be difficult to reach. We are typically closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we can be at our best for your party. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause you but, We look forward to serving you on one of my available dates.